The trickling sound of whiskey poured into the glass was enough for them to forget their boring week. Ishan started the countdown from three and the others followed it to one and they started emptying their glasses simultaneously. They no longer bought those cheap spirits they used to buy in college but they are one of the main reasons which kept the trio together. It kinda helped strengthen the bond they had.

They finished one peg after another and one bottle after another. Brief cigarette sessions were also there in between the drinks, and with every drink, the silence was becoming more and more intense until Yash started playing music. It was slow and soothing and they started singing along with it. Their heads started getting heavy and the soul light.

Ishan had a great capacity for drinking and he was usually quiet whenever he was drunk. Opposing to his nature, Gopal wasn’t and neither did Yash. But this time, Gopal just stood up and went to the balcony looking for something to sit on. He couldn’t find one so he just sat on the floor looking at the bright screen of his phone. What do drunk guys do on their phone other than going through old conversations or pictures? He wasn’t doing anything different. He just kept the phone down after some time and started slipping through the floor and the wall that supported him.

None of them were too drunk to pass out. They knew it well enough about how to enjoy the booze, passing out wasn’t the right way. Yash, as usual always smiled whenever someone saw him drunk. He just noticed that there were only two of them in the room and started looking for the third. He knew exactly where Gopal was and went straight to the balcony. Gopal was starting to get attached to the balcony of their new flat. He saw him lying on the balcony floor and smiled, went straight to accompany him looking through the sea of infinite stars above them.

It reminded them of the talks they used to have during their college time when they used to go to the bus-tea or the canal near the campus at 2 in the morning. Both of them were on the floor now lying horizontally. They talked, and talked for a long time, about almost everything, from college to office, crushes to girlfriends to exes, TV series and movies to porn, their dreams and, of course about Life, the most cliche yet beautiful to talk about.

We always say that alcohol makes us talk, mostly the truth. Maybe, it’s not completely true, we say what we always wanted to say because now we know that we can hide behind the alcohol. When we are drunk, it’s not that we can’t control our words, we just don’t want to. We are no longer afraid of the judgment that we always get. We know that the excuse of being drunk will always work.

Ishan was still inside when he realized he was all alone. He too started moving towards the balcony and asked- “What the hell are you motherfuckers doing here?” to which both of them replied- “Chilling, as always”. “You guys are so lame”, replied Ishan. He started lighting the last cigarette they had, barely able to stand still trying to help Gopal stand up. They knew the best way to enjoy the smoke, by doing it together.

All three of them were standing now, feeling the cool breeze flowing through them. The only sound coming was of the winds. They were enjoying the peace of the moment. Even though there weren’t any mountains or rivers or bikes in their story, they were full of life. Maybe, because they had each other in their lives and of course, that bottle of whiskey.

Cloud Platform Engineer | IITR Alumnus

Cloud Platform Engineer | IITR Alumnus