I made a programming meme page on Instagram and here’s what I found

Devashish Patil
2 min readDec 26, 2022
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I have always enjoyed programming memes, mainly because they are very much relatable if you code yourself. Sometimes you learn stuff from them as well, although not in a very efficient way, but for sure in a fun one.


It was 2019 and I was new to programming and the software development world. I tried creating an Instagram page with an intention to post programming memes. I think I posted 5–6 memes and then I ran out of content. That was very quick.

It was very time consuming and I lost motivation as I never considered myself to be a content creator. But there’s a thing that very few people know, i.e. you are already doing creative work if you are programming.

As we are moving to the creator economy, I realised that everyone has something to offer. Fast forward to 2022, I thought of giving it another go. Here’s what I found to be different in 2022 vs 2019:


  • I have more experience now, and I am familiar with a wide range of tools and technologies.
  • Instead of creating memes the hard way, I tried to find ways to streamline meme creation through automation and scheduling. This saved me a lot of time and helped me focus just on the content.


  • Instagram has moved from image based content to video based content(Reels). This has made it very difficult for an image based page to grow.
  • It is very difficult to make reels compared to static memes.

The way forward:

  • I believe consistency will play a very big role in growth, which I have been able to achieve till now and hope to maintain it in the future
  • Developing the ability to create video based content easily through automation. Still searching for ways to do it.
  • Finally, promotion through collaborations. Right now I am only focusing on organic growth, but after some time I will need some kind of boost.

I have gained my first 50 followers within a week and I might take some time to write about how I did that.

I request the audience to go through the page once and check out the content. I have tried to maintain the originality of the content and hope you enjoy it.


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